Home Remodeling Process

Your home dream project should be smooth and effortless. At Fusion, we want you to know the process, so that you get the best experience from whoever you choose to do your remodeling project with.

People discussing finding a contractor

Finding a Contractor

When you call a contractor, be prepared to ask questions. Ask how long they’ve been in business, whether the business ever carried a different name (a definite warning sign), and if the company has ever been sued. Maybe ask to visit an active job site. Ask for references, and call. Do your homework is all we are saying, after being in business for over 22 years we have seen a lot of contractors come and go.

Talking to a contractor about a bid

Getting a Construction Bid

You have talked to the contractors, now it’s time to get your bids. The rule of thumb is to get 2-4 bids, get at least 3 if you can. Look at all the bids and see the range that has come in, if there is a significantly low bid, that should be a red flag. A good contractor will give you the best bid and be upfront with all costs.

Signing the remodeling contract

The Remodeling Contract

You have selected a wining bid now it’s time to sign the contract. Every detail about your project should be included, fixture allowances to number of coats of paint, this is where you can make sure every detail is covered and not vague. With Fusion, there will never be surprise changes to your bill unless homeowner authorized change orders are performed. We pride ourselves on exceeding expectations every time, on time.

House remodel during construction

On the Job

During the project there will be sub-contractors and other people in your space working to build your dream. You need to set standards for everyone, communicate your wants and needs to allow the best interaction with the teams working. Make sure you tell your contractor what issues come up and work with each other to solve, because there will be issues. With Fusion we provide hands-on completion of our projects and have intimate knowledge of the quality of our long time sub-contractors.

Completed Kitchen from Fusion Home Improvement

Job Completion and Warranty

When your vision has become a reality, there are a few things to make sure you complete before signing off. Walk through your project and make your punch list, re-read your contract and make sure you have all the signed permits, lien waivers, and warranties. Know your contractor’s guarantees and the length of time they are covered. Fusion’s work is warrantied so you can rest assured that your home remodel will remain as beautiful as the day it was completed.

four-point-five star rating on Home Advisor
probably what made this experience the best -- beyond the fact that the job was done really well and looks great -- was the people who came to do all the different jobs. everybody was very courteous and friendly...that helps when you have so many people coming in and out....everyone was very genuine. thanks for all the hard work.
- Bathroom Remodel in Minneapolis, MN